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Finger Grip Ruler • Finger grip for ease of use 1.3cm 3.5cm •/•• 0 Magnifying Ruler • Allows easy line-by-line reading of text, taking the strain out of detailed reading • Ideal for spreadsheets and analysing data 3.0cm L12 Ref • Magni cation: x2 x2 x3 x2 2.4m L12080 m 10 / 400 3. cm L26 30cm / 12” Finger grip ruler Wallet 2.9mm L23 • Provides comfortable, easy eye usage 4.0cm Ref •/•• 3mm J01 3.0cm Folding Ruler x4 3cm 3.4cm 2cm 3mm 3.5cm 2.2mm 3cm L30010 10 / 160 30cm / 12” Rule Wallet 100 2.8cm • Innovative folding rule 2.4mm 3.2mm K56 K85/K86 K93 L16 L25/26 2mm J03 • Featuring cm/mm scale with snap  t hinge for compact storage 3mm 2.6mm •/•• 2.8cm 2.8cm J05 2cm J09 Ref J05100 10 / 600 30cm / 300mm Folding ruler Wallet 2mm K03 Flexible and Fun 2.6mm K09 • These rule2s.8arcemmade from an ultra  exible PVC that makes them very bendy and great fun 3.7cm L16 3.9mm 3mm 3.4mm Flexi-Rulers L16 K39 Ref •/•• 3.8cm 7 6.9mm 3.5cm 3mm 3.5cm 2.7cm L56 • Available in three assorted translucent colours 3.2cm T31 T33 3.5cm T34 2.4mm K40/47 K50 1.5mm 3.4mm 3.4mm 15cm / 150mm Tinted  exi ruler 12 / 5762. cm K18010 Wallet K54 1mm HELIX 

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